Wood Stove Pellets vs. Traditional Fuels: A Money-Saving Alternative to Everyday Heat

Wood pellets require an initial investment in a pellet-burning stove. However, wood pellet stoves are widely considered the most efficient stoves on the market, offering you long-term cost-savings. They often exceed 80% efficiency ratings and emit 50% to 60% less pollution than conventional heating methods.

Made from sawdust, wood chips, paper waste and other organic raw materials, wood stove pellets are clean and an eco-friendly alternative to traditional heating fuels. They’re even a better alternative to other organic fuels such as corn. When comparing corn versus wood stove pellets, a big factor to consider is the ease of storing. Pellets are easily stored in any dry area, whereas corn can attract rodents, birds, squirrels and other vermin, making storage more of a challenge.

Wood Pellet Heater

Heating your home with wood stove pellets is cheaper, cleaner and easier than conventional heating fuels.

The cost of heating a home with natural gas versus wood pellets is about equal, and natural gas is consistently delivered straight to your home—no calls or pick-ups necessary. So why opt for wood stove pellets? Natural gas prices have risen steadily over the past few years, indicating they will continue to do so in the future. Wood stove pellets’ pricing has remained about the same (when accounting for inflation) over the past 10 years, making it a wiser, more cost-effective investment.

Similarly, the high cost of oil versus wood stove pellets’ more affordable pricing, combined with the continued fluctuation and increase in oil prices, makes wood stove pellets a more viable alternative. The convenience of pellets shouldn’t go overlooked, either. Unlike an oil tank that can easily run out of fuel mid-season, an entire season’s worth of pellets can easily be store in a relatively small space. As a reliable distributor of wood stove pellets, Ricardo Corporation makes it easy and convenient to stay warm all season long.

Coal is an extremely plentiful and inexpensive form of heating, but because of its unwieldy nature it’s often not worth the trouble. It creates more build up and ash and is far messier to deal with than the cleaner and easier-to-manage wood stove pellets.

Wood stove pellets are even more efficient than cord wood, as pellets heat spaces more efficiently and reduce wood smoke exposure to your family as well as neighbors. Plus, pellet stoves eliminate the need for, and costs associated with, chimney sweeps.

Often wood pellet stoves require electricity for running fans and are put out of use when the power goes out. However, some models have back-up batteries. Overall, wood pellet stoves give off more heat more efficiently with fewer resources than traditional wood-burning stoves. Plus, pellets burn cleaner creating less smoke and particles in the air, making for a healthier environment.

Whatever your heating method, you should take into account your home’s insulation, layout and air circulation. Well-insulated homes with areas that can be sectioned off for targeted heating will see more efficient results and better savings with wood stove pellets or any heating source.

For more information about the advantages of using wood pellets over conventional heating fuels, visit the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or call Ricardo Corporation today at (508) 992-0169 to learn more about how you can save on your heating costs.