Stone Veneer

What is stone veneer?

Stone veneer can be made from natural or manufactured stone. Here at Ricardo’s we carry only the natural stone version made right here in the USA. Natural stone is cut to an exacting thickness and weight, which is uniform regardless of the number of pieces you order.

What are the advantages of natural stone veneer?

  • Stone veneer is durable, since its’ real stone it will not fade or crack.
  • Made by mother nature, it looks perfectly natural right down to it’s unique shapes and sizes.
  • It’s not nearly as heavy as lugging in real stone, so there is no need for wall ties or footings etc.
  • By the project stone veneer most like will take less time to install than it would natural stone.

Boston Blend™ Mosaic Thin Stone Veneer consists of irregular pieces of natural stone used for facing, cladding and siding. The shapes of this natural stone consist of triangles, octagons and somewhat square pieces.

Where can stone veneer be used?

Veneer is used as stone siding for interior and exterior walls, cladding, chimneys, fireplaces, foundations, wine cellars, columns, hard-scapes and any other decorative feature for both residential and commercial architectural construction applications.

Stone veneer can really spice up a room when placed on one wall. Perfect wall to accent with a wine rack, or bench etc.

Same applies to the outside of a home, where you’ll find stone veneer being used along the front side of a home wrapping around a den window for example.

As shown above in the bullet points, stone Veneer is lightweight, (about 15pounds per square foot), and generally lower cost over real stone. Being lighter in weight can have it’s advantage, eliminating the need for structural support is one. Which means you can place it on that wall in your office or home that you really don’t know what else to put there.

Let us help you in crafting an all natural, real stone veneer from Historic New England Fieldstone and other all natural stone products. Contact us today!