Sand is a naturally produced material and has many useful purposes for the landscaping and building industry. The most common locations where sand is acquired from are ver banks and seashore sand banks such as beaches. There are various types of sand and sand colors which are specifically used for different applications. Sand is available loose or bagged.

Mason Sand

Mason sand is used for many residential, industrial and commercial hardscaping applications such as paving. Masonry Sand is useful for a variety of landscaping projects from dressing a lawn’s soil or filling a sandbox to being a cushion beneath above ground pool liners or filling in between brick pavers. This type of sand is generally used for paver applications and sand grouting.

Fine_Sand copy

Coarse Sand

Coarse sand is unwashed sand and has medium granules. Coarse sand is used for paver leveling, concrete mixing, sand boxes and stone walls. One of the benefits of coarse sand is that it is much easier to work with and is better suited to hardscaping products and materials.


Stone Dust

Pulverized stone used in the construction of walkways or other stable surfaces. The dust is mixed with soil and compacted or used with gravel to fill spaces between irregular stones. Stone dust is a by-product of stone crushing operations.


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