Wood Chips

Wood chips can create a natural, woodsy look for your landscape. They can make a sitting area more inviting and are good for pathways along a garden. Wood chips can also help to prevent compaction from foot traffic. Natural-colored chips make the path or walking area blend in with its surroundings.

The opposite can be the case when a color is chosen that stands out from the natural soil color and vegetation, helping to direct people along the wood chip path and protecting the plantings from being walked on. An important part of landscaping is what they eye perceives and wood chips help to portray a more earthy look and feel.

Natural_Woodchips copy

Wood Chips are great for your gardens — see why below!

Did you know that wood chips are better at retaining moisture in the ground which is great for flowers and plants?


That’s right, not only will your landscape become more beautiful, your flowers and plants will need less watering. Another benefit to wood chips is that they are easier to clean, as far as removing leaves and twigs.

Wood chips are a popular material for landscaping, and for good reason. You can use them in variety of different situations and they have the added benefit of putting good use the byproducts of an all-natural material. Wood chips are also a cost-effective way to add both attractive and functional qualities to your yard. Wood chips have several uses in the landscape.

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