Home Heating Fuels


When using a fireplace or wood stove for heat, you can, of course, cut and gather your own firewood. That not only requires a long amount of time, but it requires an initial investment of equipment like axes and saws and splitters, etc… It also demands a working knowledge of cutting wood. Why bother doing all of that when you can get your supply of firewood from us!
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Stove Pellets
Heating with wood pellets offers distinct advantages over conventional fossil heating fuels and other forms of wood burning. Pellet fuels are a low carbon fuel that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions (such as CO2) when used to displace fossil fuels such as heating oil, natural gas, or propane. Using pellets also helps to reduce our dependence on oil, natural gas and propane -all of which are non-renewable fossil fuels. In fact, pellet stove emissions are so low, they can be burned in areas that have conventional wood burning restrictions!
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