When using a fireplace or wood stove for heat, you can, of course, cut and gather your own firewood. That not only requires a long amount of time, but it requires an initial investment of equipment like axes and saws and splitters, etc… It also demands a working knowledge of cutting wood. Why bother doing all of that when you can get your supply of firewood from us!

Orders for the purchase and delivery of firewood should be placed well in advance of the heating season. Wood purchased during the peak periods is in more demand and becomes more expensive. You will also want to purchase early to give the wood time to season.

Seasoning takes place when the moisture content in wood reaches equilibrium with the moisture in the surrounding air. When wood is stacked outdoors with good air circulation in a spot that’s dry, sunny and open for about six months it will be dry enough to support efficient combustion. We take care of this process for you! Seasoned wood has a higher heating value than green wood.

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