Wood Pellets


Heating with wood pellets offers distinct advantages over conventional fossil heating fuels and other forms of wood burning. Pellet fuels are a low carbon fuel that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions (such as CO2) when used to displace fossil fuels such as heating oil, natural gas, or propane. Using pellets also helps to reduce our dependence on oil, natural gas and propane -all of which are non-renewable fossil fuels. In fact, pellet stove emissions are so low, they can be burned in areas that have conventional wood burning restrictions!

Minimal clearance is needed for stove pellet appliance installations. Due to the near total combustion (around 98.5%), pellet stoves produce virtually no ash. This means that an installation of a pellet stove can use a direct vent, preventing the use of a chimney. Did you know that one ton of wood pellets has the heat value of about one and a half cords of wood? Pellets also stack easily in only one third the space. This makes it possible to easily store fuel for the entire season.

Stove pellet prices have remained relatively stable historically compared to fossil fuels which are more volatile. In fact, pellet prices are virtually the same as they were ten years ago (when adjusting for inflation).

Due to our tremendous buying power we’re able to offer direct from the factory to you!

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We currently offer the following brands of wood pellets:


Maine’s Choice – Hardwood Pellets
(By Geneva Wood Fuels)

Ash = 0.5%
Moisture = 4.5%
BTU/lb = 8179