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Pavestone manufactures driveway, pathway, pool, garden and landscape paving, brick pavers, concrete pavers, patio pavers, patio stones, concrete flagstones and patio walls in a variety of shapes, patterns and colors to suit even the most particular hardscape paver expert.

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Venetian Combo 60mm
Pallet Weight: 2660 lbs
Product Number: 267
Sq Ft / Pallet: 95 sq ft






Venetian Large Rectangle 60mm
Pallet Weight: 2688 lbs
Product Number: 269
Sq Ft / Pallet: 96 sq ft






Venetian Giant 60mm
Pallet Weight: 3204 lbs
Product Number: 270
Sq Ft / Pallet: 120 sq ft






Vintage Stone Rectangle 60mm
Pallet Weight: 2520 lbs
Product Number: 292
Sq Ft / Pallet: 90 sq ft






Vintage Stone Square 60mm
Pallet Weight: 2688 lbs
Product Number: 282
Sq Ft / Pallet: 96 sq ft






Plaza Rectangle 60mm
Pallet Weight: 2660 lbs
Product Number: 606
Sq Ft / Pallet: 95 sq ft






Plaza Square 60mm
Pallet Weight: 2800 lbs
Product Number: 646
Sq Ft / Pallet: 100 sq ft






Plaza Circle Pack 60mm
Pallet Weight: 2352 lbs
Product Number: 637
Sq Ft / Pallet: 84 sq ft






Holland Stone 60mm
Pallet Weight: 2884 lbs
Product Number: 217
Sq Ft / Pallet: 103 sq ft






Colony Cobble 60mm
Pallet Weight: 3248 lbs
Product Number: 401
Sq Ft / Pallet: 116 sq ft






Eco Enviro Stone 80mm
Pallet Weight: 3255 lbs
Product Number: 699
Sq Ft / Pallet: 88 sq ft






Eco Venetian II 80mm
Pallet Weight: 3128 lbs
Product Number: 682
Sq Ft / Pallet: 84 sq ft







Since 1995, a nationwide network of Oldcastle manufacturing facilities has produced Belgard interlocking pavers, paving stone and garden wall products. These products include the traditional and antiqued paver and wall series. All Belgard products have a long history of successful applications on thousands of residential and commercial projects throughout the United States and Canada.

Commonly used applications for our concrete pavers include driveways, walkways and patios. Belgard products complement any landscape while adding beauty to both new and existing homes.

Paving Stones are set in a friction base sand mixture, thus they do not move around at all, but remain flexible. This flexibility means that with cold and hot weather the expansion and contraction do not in any way create and ill effect on the paving stone installation.

Paving stones are even earthquake resistant. Paving stones can be easily replaced should the need ever arise. Most importantly paving stones add beauty and aesthetics to your environment and value to your home.

Pavers and Patios

We also sell Pavestone decorative landscape systems that are designed to enhance your outdoor living experience. Working in harmony with your yard, garden, patio, and driveway, these patio stones allow you to design and build the landscape of your dreams. Below you’ll find a selection of just some of the patio stones we offer.


LaFitt Patio Slab








LaFitt Pavers