Seed & Fertilizer

Now is the time to get your lawn in shape with properly timed applications of Agway Grass Seed Products. We can help you create an eco-friendly lawn that is naturally dark green in color, more drought tolerant because it’s deep rooted, more disease and insect resistant because our turf grasses contain endophyte. Your lawn will look great with less fertilizer and have a reduced need for chemical pest controls.

Grass Seed

Your beautiful lawn starts by selecting the highest quality Grass Seed mixture, one which is well suited to the environment it will be grown in. Keep in mind that the lawn you plant, can never be better than the grass seed varieties it was grown from. Most of our grass seed mixtures also contain beneficial endophytes.

These naturally-occurring organisms, live off the grass plant host. The endophytes produce defensive chemicals called alkaloids, which are toxic to many insects, such as, chinch bugs, sod webworms, cutworms, aphids, chafers and Japanese beetles. Endophytes are all natural and do not diminish over time. Endophytes reduce the need for pesticide treatments on your lawn.



Another important point to consider in the care of your lawn is fertilizer. Lawns need to receive a steady supply of food, metered out over weeks or months. It is stressful on the plant, and potentially destructive, too alternatively over feed and then starve your lawn.

With Agway’s Combination of Products you can be confident that the fertilizer, food sources,  weed or insect controls used have been selected from the most advanced technology available.